Penis Yeast Infection

A penis yeast infection is caused by yeast-like fungi called Candida which occur in the penis. Candida causes most yeast infection which belongs to the Candida albicans family. They are part of the mouth, intestinal tract and skin’s normal environment.

Other causes:

· Weak immune system. Examples are thyroid gland that is underactive, HIV, chronic stress and lyme disease.

· Transmission through sexual activity from a female with vaginal yeast infection.

· Antibiotics. There are antibiotics which kills beneficial bacteria found on the penis and crotch.

· Diabetes. A person with diabetes is likely to develop yeast infection because the sugar in the urine makes it a good environment for the growth of yeast.


Penis Yeast InfectionThere are instances that symptoms do not appear. If your partner tells you that he/she has a yeast infection, go to the doctor immediately.

Present symptoms:

· Irritation and soreness of the head of penis

· Itching that is severe on the head of the penis

· Clumpy, white discharge

· Redness on the head of penis

· Small blisters on the head of penis


The best way to prevent penis yeast infection is to practice safe sex.


A lot of men go to the doctor for treatment and doctors usually prescribe a pill or cream form of Diflucan. Woman use Monistat 7 which can be bought as an over the counter drug. But Diflucan doesn’t work for all men. Sometimes, the infection gets better in a while then recurs over time. If that happens then probably the yeast has become resistant to the drug. Here are some natural methods on treating and stopping yeast infection from recurring.

· Gentian Violet

Gentian violet has been used as an antifungal drug for the past years before the azole drugs was invented. It is non-toxic and natural and works very well in the skin though it stains your clothes if you are not careful on applying it.

· Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is medically proven as an effective anti-fungal drug. It works by destroying the plasma and nucleus of the yeast cell and kills it. It is also used as a lubricant for sex. Consume one or two table spoons each day orally.

· Silver Fuzion

This product has been found to treat penis yeast infection very quickly.

· Yeast Probiotics

It is use by pouring the contents of the capsule directly into the site with yeast infection. The active bacteria will kill the yeast. This is the same as curing yeast infection with natural and unsweetened yogurt without having to deal with mess.

· Organic Mediterranean Oregano Oil

Use it by diluting it in coconut or olive oil to avoid burning of your skin. It is very effective in penile yeast infection as well as yeast infection in scalp.

· Cinnamon Oil

It was found to be very effective in oral thrush if applied directly on the affected site. It is also effective in penis yeast infection. You also need to dilute it like what is done in oregano oil.

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