Recurrent Yeast Infection

In average of healthy woman with non-recurring yeast infection, the irritation is usually cleared within a week with the use of over the counter homeopathic remedies.

Chronic and recurrent yeast infection is not only disturbing and annoying but it can also put a person in having other illnesses like urinary tract infection and diabetes. It is a common problem in diabetics and to those who consume high sugar content. A person is said to have recurring yeast infection if you have experience four yeast infections in a year.


Recurrent Yeast Infection· Birth control pills are said to be the cause of yeast infection in women. Some women reported that the infection disappeared or gotten better after discontinuing the pill.

· Food can be a cause of yeast infection such as sugary foods and sugar treats especially if your blood sugar is not controlled.

· Trapped moisture around the vagina.

· People who have weak immune system as in HIV or AIDS patients have increased risk in developing yeast infection.

A simple tingle, touch or pain in the pubic region or genital area is the earliest sign that the infection has returned.


Infected persons are usually placed on prescription drugs but medical professionals are hesitant to this kind of medication course because the yeast might be resistant to the drug over time. It is suggested to treat recurring yeast infection with prescription drugs alternated with over the counter drugs.

Diflucan is the common prescribed drug for recurring infection in different strengths depending on the need.

A recurring yeast infection may develop to the involvement of Candida if the situation doesn’t change. Even if the yeast infection is treated but the area is not kept dry and clean, the infection is likely to recur.

Proper diagnosis is important in treating yeast infection to determine the kind of treatment right for you. You should not engage in sex while being treated in yeast infection.


Yeast like damp and warm places. The first prevention of having yeast infection is to expose the vulva to air every day.

· Wear the proper underwear. Cotton is the best material for underwear.

· At night, allow air exposure. Do not wear pajama bottoms or underpants. Wear a night gown instead.

· Take a bath. Yeast thrives in moist places. Taking a bath regularly keeps your skin dry preventing yeast infection.

Yeast love acidic pH seen in the hormone estrogen of the females. The high levels of contraceptive pills and hormones in pregnancy increases the risk of those women in these situations. Using of non-hormonal contraceptives may be helpful in eliminating recurrent yeast infection.

Take care of your skin. Yeast tends to infect broken, irritated skin. So taking care of your skin prevents the invasion of yeast. Avoid irritating products which may have direct contact with your vagina. Examples are dryer sheets or fabric softeners.

Yeast infection is not sexually transmitted. Even if you are having sexual contact with someone who is infected with yeast, there is no chance that yeast can be transmitted to you.

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