Fungal Skin Infection

Fungal skin infection is a skin infection caused by fungus. Excessive growth of harmless fungus and other types of fungus causes fungal skin infection symptoms. These skin infections can be treated easily.

Fungus in skin affects your skin because it lives in the keratin, a protein that composes your hair, skin and nails. Fungal skin infections are categorized into two groups depending on the organism type involved. The name of the infection is derived in the body part where it confides.

Types of Fungal Skin Infections

Dermatophyte Infections

Dermatophyte is a type of fungi that causes skin, nails and hair infection. This type of infection is common affecting 2 in 10 people. Dermatophyte infection includes:

Fungal Skin Infection · Athlete’s Foot (Tinea mannum and Tinea pedis)

25 in 100 adults experiences athlete’s foot in their lives. This is caused by a combination of bacteria and fungi causing the skin to itch, scaly, dry and red especially between the toes. It may also cause blisters and cracked skin.

A person usually gets athlete’s foot from contaminated swimming pools, saunas and showers. If you happen to touch a contaminated area without washing your hand, it spreads to your hands. This is called as Tinea mannum. The creases on the palms and sides of the fingers are usually affected.

· Nail Infections

Fungal infection in the nails is termed as Onychomycosis. The ringworm in the nails is called Tinea unguium. This is a common infection. The infection causes your nails to become thickened, malformed and crumbled.

· Groin Rinworm (Tinea Cruris)

This is known as “jock itch” because it is common in young men usually affecting people active in sports. It causes red rash and itch in the surrounding area and the groin itself. It is common in men who sweat a lot. Infection is spread through scratching in your feet with athlete’s foot and spreads to the groin.

· Body Ringworm (Tinea corporis)

The ringworm affects the abdomen and limbs causing red flat or raised patches which spreads and grows.

· Scalp Ringworm Tinea Capitis)

It is common in young children especially in African-Caribbean origin living in urban areas. It causes inflammation and hair loss on the affected area. You can develop this without symptoms and spread it to others.

Yeast Infections

· Intertrigo

Intertrigo is a type of yeast infection in the skin folds caused by Candida albicans living in your digestive system and in the skin. It can be seen in areas where skin touched such as in groin, armpits, and under heavy breasts. It is itchy, sore with scales and spots.

· Thrush

Thrush affects the mouth and tongue, also caused by Candida albicans. Vagina, folded skin and other moist areas may be affected as well. It causes white vaginal discharge and itch in adults.

It also affects men which causes painful red rash on the penis’ head or glans. Newborns are also affected called as oral thrush. White patches are commonly mistaken as milk from breast or formula milk. It is not serious but babies who develop throat thrush usually have difficulty in feeding.

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