Symptoms of Throat Infection

Throat infection may also refer to sore throat, strep throat or pharyngitis. It is an inflammation or infection of the throat, tonsils or pharynx. It is a condition common to almost anyone worldwide. It occurs anytime or any season of the year but it is more prevalent during winter. Older people and children are discovered being more susceptible to this kind of bacterial infection though it can occur to any age group. People should know that strep throat is communicable or contagious.

Sore throat is usually accompanied by flu or common colds. There are two types of throat infection, bacterial and viral throat infection. A viral infection is caused by different viruses like mononucleosis virus or flu virus. Viral infection is not to be treated with antibiotics because antibiotics have no effect on viruses. Therefore, it is important to identify if an infection is caused by a bacteria or a virus. A bacterial infection is caused by the streptococcus bacteria.

Symptoms of Throat Infection Symptoms

The symptoms can be mild to severe depending on the causative agent.

· Swallowing difficulty

· Throat discomfort

· Sneezing

· Cough

Symptoms of throat infection in babies:

Babies are easily infected with strep throat infection if they are exposed to infected adults.

· Low grade fever

· Swollen throat

· Swallowing difficulty

· Swollen lymph nodes

· Frequent crying

· Irritability

Symptoms of viral throat infection

· Pain in the sinuses

· Congestion

· Voice changes and becomes deeper

· Dryness on the throat

Symptoms of bacterial throat infection

· Inflammation of the throat

· Headache

· Slight fever

· Tiredness


Usually, throat infection is self-limiting, meaning it subsides and heals on its own. But an infected person may consult a doctor to ask for some soothing relief for pain in the throat. Bacterial throat infection is treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are meant to kill bacteria. So they are not to be used with viral infections because they are ineffective against viruses. Viral infection is self-limiting. If you experience symptoms like dizziness and nausea plus the mentioned symptoms above, you should immediately consult your physician because they may be signs of ear infection.

There are a lot of home remedies for bacterial and viral throat infection for adults and for children as well. An example of an old but effective remedy for throat infection is mixing a teaspoon of salt into lukewarm water and gargle it. Drinking plenty of water has always been an advice of doctors to keep the person hydrated and it may wash out some organisms as well. Chicken and vegetable soups also help in soothing and relieving the throat pain in throat infection. However, a baby having a throat infection should be brought to the doctor immediately.


A person should make effort into making his/her immune system stronger because a person with strong immune system is not likely to experience throat infections. Increasing one’s immunity means eating a nutritious balance diet, vitamin C intake and regular exercise. Oranges and citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C. But a person should avoid contact with persons having flu or cold because those are contagious.

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